Hellan® Fluid Strainers and Filtration Products

The first and last word in Fluid Straining/ Filtration for fresh and seawater

Hellan® Fluid Strainers and Filtration Products
  • The Hellan Strainer design provides solids removal without interrupting the fluid flow - eliminating downtime for solids’ removal
  • Employees are not exposed to possible contaminants and /or hazardous materials during the cleaning cycle - no baskets to remove to clean or empty.
  • Minimal labour required for solids’ removal from fluid flow. Manually operated models require less than 30 seconds per cleaning cycle. Automatically operated strainers require no labour and are controlled by timers or pressure transducers.
  • Depending on size and material can be 45% lighter than a conventional dual basket strainer and substantially smaller dimensionally.
  • Up to 12” can be installed in any plane in the pipe-line without the need for additional support.

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