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The Company

R J MELLOR & Co Ltd was founded in 1978 to specialise in the field of centralised lubrication, in the early 1980’s they joined the Fuchs Group of Companies and in 2001 they became a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuchs Lubritech GmbH.

A change of group management led to them divesting themselves of non-core products and R J Mellor& Co Ltd became once again a totally independent company.

The range of products is extremely diverse, from the outstanding ASSALUB "LubeRight" manual system to single and dual–line, direct feed systems for oil and grease, wire rope lubrication and open gear spray systems.

In 2004 Fluid Technology and Engineering Services, who handled the unique range of fluid strainers and filters produced by the Hellan Strainer Company, was merged into R J Mellor & Co Ltd.

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